Primary Teeth (Baby Teeth)
The primary teeth begin their development when the
fetus is five weeks old, but do not appear in the
mouth until the lower central incisors erupt at
approximately six months of age. The normal ages of
eruption vary greatly from child to child, although the
sequence in which the teeth erupt does not.

The primary teeth are of great importance to the
child's appearance, chewing ability and eventual
health of their permanent teeth!
Permanent Teeth
As each of the primary teeth is lost naturally, it is
replaced by a permanent tooth. Heredity plays a
major role in determining the schedule. The
adjacent figure presents the typical case.

Extra care should be given to this first set of
molars. They play a significant role in determining
the structure and position of future erupting teeth
and, consequently, the shape of your child's lower
face in later years.

Throughout your child's formative years (up and
through the age of 21), the bones and muscles the
face are constantly growing, shifting and changing.
Note that a child's jaw expands over a period of
time, making way for an increase of additional teeth.
Healthy Gums
Healthy gums are essential for healthy growth and development of teeth and continued oral health. An
effective program of preventive dental care is the best assurance that your child will have a lifetime of
excellent oral health!

Gum (periodontal) disease can be prevented by taking the most important step of cleaning your child's
teeth daily. The first stage of gum disease, called gingivitis, occurs in almost all children, so you should
not assume that gum disease cannot occur in your child. Regular visits to our clinic is helpful in
controlling gingivitis.

Dr. Shah can help you learn how to prevent gum disease by teaching both you and your child on how
to brush and floss your child's teeth. Brushing does only half the job, flossing completes it. Your child
should not be expected to master these skills before they are eight years old. They will need your help
to clean their teeth properly.
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