Calming The Anxious Child
Calming the anxious child
Children are not born with fear, fear is acquired. Popular characterization of an unpleasant experience at
the dentist often leads to unfounded fears in young minds who often assume that to be a reality. Help
your child avoid unnecessary fear by doing the following:

  • Take a positive and calm approach to your child's dental appointment   

  • Try preventing your child from hearing any unpleasant dental experiences. Certainly do not
    jokingly discuss unpleasant dental appointment experiences that might unnecessarily scare the
    child and cause avoidable fears and anxiousness

  • It is a good idea to tell your child the day before their dental visit that he/she will be going to see
    their dentist Dr. Shah who will be caring for their teeth

  • Assure your child that Dr. Shah will always explain everything she does before she begins

  • See the section below providing suggestions on what a parent can do to calm an anxious child

Pediatric dentistry has come a long way in recent years. Most children who are properly introduced to
dentistry actually look forward to visiting their pediatric dentist.

Your child's best interest comes first! Please make sure to take your child to a pediatric dentist whom
your child is most comfortable with!

Check the
directory of pediatric dentists to ensure your "children's dentist" is a board certified
pediatric dentist
specially trained to provide dental care for children! An unpleasant dental
appointment in childhood can have a lasting impression and possibly a lifelong consequence.

Pediatric dentists have years of additional training over and above general dentistry that is specific to
oral health issues in children. They are specifically trained to provide a pleasant experience for your
child. They are also specifically trained to attend to developmental and clinical oral health issues in

Dr. Shah's speciality training and above all, her commitment to help children and her ability to connect
with them enables her to put children at ease. We are confident that your child and you will find our clinic
to be the dental clinic of choice for your child.
It is important that you and us support one another in managing your child's behaviour. Your child will gain confidence and
develop the trust needed to become an enthusiastic participant in their personal dental hygiene and professional dental care.
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